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A Look Inside

Amira Doucette is an international design house.  The brand Amira Doucette stands for playfulness, luxury, sophistication and an expression of the joy of living.  Years of experience, extensive research, exceptional taste, exquisite Italian craftsmanship, and unique vision; a complex process that differs from style to style; these are the secrets that make up our collections.


Welcome to Amira Doucette.


Devoted to the Unique – Our Client

“Dare to be different and be the beacon of style.” – Amira Doucette

Welcome to ‘A Look Inside.’  We, at the Amira Doucette design house, invite you to look at who we are.

Our aim is simple: To provide remarkable handbags that spotlight your sense of style and self-confidence through playfulness, sophistication, and elegance.  Our focus is on you.

We know who you are.  When you walk into a room, you capture it with ease, with elegance, intelligence, and a little flirtatiousness.  You are unique.  And, so are we.  


Playful Sophistication – Our Company

“Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Originality is our mission, quality and artistry are our launching pads.  We, at Amira Doucette, are proud to have skyrocketed from America to Italy and back again, ricocheting to several exotic locales along the way, to ensure a collaborative foundation of innovation and craftsmanship for our handbag collections.   

In our continued quest for unique designs and manufacturing practices, we traverse continents and time.  Modern techniques combine with classic standards of construction to create progressive and enduring handbags that are true works of art.  Edgy designs transform the common into the remarkable.  Exotic fabrics and skins ensure the feel and demonstrate the essence of luxury.

Our attention to detail defines us as much as the original and light-hearted nature of our designs.  We hand select each component, so we can feel it, using only the best the world has to offer.  Our artisans, with their combined decades of expertise, ensure the beauty and functionality of our handmade handbags.  We invite you to experience our RebelSole and Easy Elegance collections and judge for yourself.


Inspired by Life – Our Founder

“Inspiration is a catalyst; fulfillment is its objective.” – Amira Doucette 

Amira Doucette, a sophisticated consumer of luxury brands, refuses to settle for anything less than exceptional, a trait she exemplifies in her handbag creations. 

When the majority of the fashion accessory industry headed for Asia and Eastern Europe in pursuit of mass luxury brand production, Amira refused to follow. She never follows. Do you? In her mind, quality and originality were the only avenues to achieve the exceptional. 

Amira considered what she loved, what 90% of the female population loves, shoes and handbags, and was inspired.  Shortly thereafter, the RebelSole Collection was born.  

In designing her RebelSole Collection, the all-you-need Easy Elegance Resort Line, as well as her up-and-coming surprises, Amira does not deviate from her self-imposed basic standards: Each handbag must be unique in design and structure, yet practical in functionality. Selecting exquisite components is never enough; precision in application and construction is the key to quality. The final product must speak to her and, of course, to you. And from Amira’s perspective, the conversation is just beginning.