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Excerpts from one of Jeff McGurk's Last Interviews

AD Interview

Elegant, exotic, alluring, distinctive, glamorous, and playful. Are we talking about RebelSole, the handbag collection, or are we talking about the rebellious soul of its creator, once psychotherapist now designer, Amira Doucette? It’s hard to say. “It’s a natural state of being for me.”, she says, in her ever demure and soft-spoken way. She’s talking about her refusal to conform, a contradiction indeed.

Excerpts from a recent interview with Palm Springs Life contributing writer Jeff McGurk. . . ”Women love shoes. Women love handbags. It’s only logical to merge the two, isn’t it?”, Amira asks with a mischievous look. “Think about men. I always do. What I meant to say is this: Imagine a man gifting Zambooba or Opanca to his wife or girlfriend. He acts with confidence. Shoe. . . bag. . . she’ll love it. He can’t go wrong. It’s only logical.”

Logical, maybe, but, masterful it is. The attention to detail, the exquisite selection of components, seriously, who ever thought of Swarovski crystal D-rings? Carrying an Amira Doucette handbag is akin to carrying a serious piece of art: You will be noticed; it will be examined; it will be admired; and no doubt both you and the handbag will be the topic of conversation.

I asked Ms. Doucette whom she envisioned her target market to be. “Why, me, of course!”, she said, giggled, and then continued: “Jeff, a RebelSole handbag is the perfect accessory for the progressive woman who dares to be different and loves to be admired. You should remember that; better yet, why don’t you quote me?”

And, quote her I did.

My personal impression, each RebelSole handbag has its own charming identity, just like its creator, Amira Doucette. My prediction, rebellious or not, Amira and her designs will be enthusiastically accepted. My next move, I know what to buy my girlfriend; after all, it’s only logical.

Amira Doucette LLC is about creation, which is why a portion of the proceeds will be donated to orphanages across America. Our desire is to assist children as they blossom into beautiful works of art.